Quarried in Fujian, G612 (also known as China green granite, grass granite) is widely used in outdoor designs, especially monuments, fountains and pavers. G612 features a soft pastel green background with relatively small grey flecks, forming a relaxing, easy on the eyes color.

Common finish: Polished, Flamed ,honed, leathered (antiqued) brushed, tumbled, brushed, picked, sandblasted, split (split face), chamfered, beveled, sawn, grooved, brush hammered, mushroom.

Common usage: G612 is often used in walls, tiles, fountatins, monuments(sculptures and tombstone), pavers (kerbstone, cobblestone, garden stone, fan-shaped stone, etc.) and counter-tops.

Common sizes: Pavers (Paving stone; 30-60×30-60×3-5cm. Kerbstone; Lx20x15, Lx20x30. Tactile stone; 30x30x4cm, 40x40x5cm.  Pool Coping; 50x50x3-5cm, 35x35x3-5cm. Cubic stone; 5x5x5cm, 8x8x8cm, 10x10x10cm.)
Steps(150-100×30-33x3cm, 13-17×2-3cm), Kitchen(220-150×90-55x2cm, 90-80x55x3cm), Tiles(305x305x10mm, 300x600x20mm, 600x600x20mm) Monuments(120*110*10cm, 180x110x10cm, 100x100x15cm).

Note: Sizes and Finish mentioned are commonly produced, though any other size and finish can be produced according to your requirements.

To get a quote of this material please drop us a message and provide the specifications (length, width, thickness, finish) along with the quantity required. MOQ is 200 Square Meter.

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