Quarried in Shandong, G383 (often named Pearl Flower Granite) is one of the most durable granite models featuring a white background with small black and big light pink flecks (flowers) on it. This model is relatively new and is taking a big share in the construction market. G383 is good for interior and exterior designs. According to our data, G383 is highly demanded in applications such as countertops, walls, tiles and pavers.

Common finish: Polished, Flamed ,honed, leathered (antiqued) brushed, tumbled, brushed, picked, sandblasted, Split (split face), chamfered, beveled, saw, grooved, brush hammered, mushroom.

Common usage: G383 Pearl Flower Granite is often used in kitchens, vanities (countertops), tiles, steps, monuments (sculptures and tombstone), and pavers (kerbstone, cobblestone, garden stone, fan-shaped stone, etc.).

Common size: Half gangsaw slabs( 250×90-60×2-3cm), Kitchen(220-150×90-55x2cm, 90-80x55x3cm), Tiles(305x305x10mm, 300x600x20mm, 600x600x20mm) Steps(150-100×30-33x3cm, 13-17×2-3cm),  Monuments(120*110*10cm, 180x110x10cm, 100x100x15cm).
Pavers (Paving stone; 30-60×30-60×3-5cm. Kerbstone; Lx20x15, Lx20x30. Tactile stone; 30x30x4cm, 40x40x5cm.  Pool Coping; 50x50x3-5cm, 35x35x3-5cm. Cubic stone; 5x5x5cm, 8x8x8cm, 10x10x10cm.)

Note: Sizes and Finish mentioned are commonly produced, though any other size and finish can be produced according to your requirements.

To get a quote of this material please drop us a message and provide the specifications (length, width, thickness, finish) along with the quantity required. MOQ is 200 Square Meter.

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